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Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
EMI Viewer 2.6

I've dug out my PS2 copy of EMI and its a German PAL version. I can upload some files if you need to compare.
Thanks heaps, that's great a little app
I've got English NTSC. If you (or anyone else) see anything much different between mine and yours then it'd be great if you could upload them. Note there are art files in the root of the disc and also in subfolders by island - they seem quite redundant so I'm not sure which the game actually uses. I've found copies of guy.meshb in artall, melee/cdt and melee/wed.

Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
Confirmed - it is VAG. Play it back with something like MFAudio. You'll need to strip the headers from the .scx file first (up to the VAGp header)
Ah, thanks. I had worked out that MFAudio could play them if I manually set the frequency and channels - didn't realise there was an extra header I needed to remove to make it work automatically. Anyway, the voices don't sound any different to me so I'll put that one to rest for now.

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