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Haruka made her way back into the observation room followed by General Ramirez. As soon as they did General Ramirez walked to the platform overlooking them.

"I have been informed of the results of your test runs and I must say it was impressive indeed", The General said. "But we don't win battles by doing VR training now do we?"

The general began pacing around the platform.

"We have just received intel, that at 0500 this morning, Chinese forces have taken over the eastern part of Morocco, they landed by sea and took the American embassy by force. The situation on the Arab countries has changed for the moment, we need our team to retrieve the US Ambassador from a fort located in the border between Libya and Tunisia. Katsu, Xaivier and Zhao will deploy a few miles away so as to circle around the enemy, Roman and Haruka will serve as decoys doing a head on assault. Haruka will distract them on the air while Roman focuses on drawing their attention", General Ramirez said. "You are to depart immediately. I'm sorry that it's this fast but I know you guys aren't so get to work gentlemen, and lady".

General Ramirez saluted and left.

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