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Zeron looked over the city from the top of a building with an expression that almost resembled joy. Although no one could see it due to the fact that the mask he wore allowed no one, not even his own henchmen could see his face.

Finally...A new area to set up operations in. No more Shade to interfere in my operations and possible new recruits.

One of his henchmen walked up behind him and nervously saluted him. "Sir. We have scouted out the immediate area and have found that there is...something wrong with most of the population here. They wander around the city almost as if they are in a daze."


"Thats all we know right now sir. We plan to capture one of the citizens as soon as we establish a base of operations and examine the test subject."

"Good. You are dismissed."

The henchman nervously saluted again and ran down the stairs as Zeron continued to look over the city. There was something wrong here. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to establish a base of operations here.

He turned away from the view of the city and began his descent down the stairs into the building.

Shade watched the clouds pass by the window as personal jet continued on it's way to Gallion city. That was where her nemesis had fled after their last battle and it was there that she hopefully be able to finally capture him.

It's a faint hope...but this time both he and I will be in unfamiliar territory. Maybe this time I'll finally get him.
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