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"Hang tight for a moment. I'm gonna check something out. It won't take long."

"Got it." She said quickly before the comm was cut off on Tavaryn's end. She began thinking of what Tavaryn could do against possible opposition that came to a conclusion.

I should at least keep an eye on him. If only to make sure that he's safe. But he did tell me to stay here...


"My HUD picked up three additional allies, are they with you? Oh and in case you're wondering no I haven't been bit. My armor is too strong to be penetrated by their jaws and I've killed them before they've had the chance too."

Atora hefted his assault rifle over his shoulder and looked around again to make sure they were still in the clear before responding.

"I'm sorry. But I only recently managed to fight my way to the end of the ship. What you said does clear up some of the mystery, like how most of the ship was infected, but other mysteries now remain. As for these "Allies" no, I have no knowledge of them. Perhaps we should make our way toward them before they encounter any of the infected."

He began walking toward the other blue lights on his HUD, anxious to warn the others of the threat that was posed by the infected.
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