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Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
How's this look? It'll be the last of my skins; seven total. If anyone has further recommendations on how I should incorporate the armors into the game please let me know!

Show spoiler

EDIT: Oh, and would there be a high demand for female skins too? Or should I just do it anyway?
Excellent. Also the urban would fit for that world too. Even the jungle is not so bad but a little improper there.
The desert or the snow ones would fit for Tatooine right? problem is how to insert them there with a logical story ...
and of course the Jungle will fit to Dantooine or Kashyyyk, maybe the Republic is subtletly monitoring Jedi Council's activities in this farmers' planet??

about females, I don't recall female soldiers or is just my bad memory??

good luck

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