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"It will be a pleasure working with you Miss Haruka, and may I ask, when do we depart?" Roman stated, and asked, curious as to their departure time, whether it was immediate, or within a certain time.

"You gotta get your ears checked buddy," Xavier said to him. "Alright let's go rescue that ambassador and if there's enough time after the mission can we stop at McDonalds?"

"I believe General Ramirez said we'd depart immediately. I guess that means we better get prepped. Let's get ready to kick some ass." Zhao said eagerly.

Haruka giggled because of the question and both Xaivier and Zhao's answers. She then turned to Roman and the rest.

"Well, it's time to go prove ourselves out there. By the performances we've put in the training exersize we shouldn't have a problem. I got your backs as long as you got mine", Haruka said and walked over to a panel near Takahashi. But she noticed how Katsu shot a look at Haruka, she knew he was getting suspicious, it didn't take a genius to notice. As the others left Takahashi asked her what was wrong. She approched him discretely and started to talk so only he could hear.

"I may have to accelerate my plans. Katsu is getting suspicious but I'm confident that if I approach him first I may gain an ally. He's japanese as well so he'll understand where I'm coming from", Haruka said and Takahashi frowned.

"What if he doesn't?", Takahashi asked.

"Then we might as well write our wills", Haruka said and left for the Battle Suit hangar.

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