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(They weren't in the psych ward, they were outside at the entrance to the medical facility)

"Not at all, we were simply discussing what Andorra might wish to do now that she has been discharged." Reyvan explained. "She would like remain here on Coruscant, and continue to help the Jedi and the Republic. On that topic, Andorra, with your kind permission, the Jedi Order would like access to your medical records since admission to this facility. Given what happened to you, I'm sure you understand our interest."

Hearing the remotes activate, Kalla increased the setting on her lightsaber, ensuring that she would be able to both deflect their blaster bolts and cut them down. To be honest, the idea of fighting remotes blindfolded sounded fun, or at least more so than fighting blindfolded in an actual battle. "Ready?" She asked Tonatius, still unsure what weapon he was wielding now.

As the group made their way through the derelict ship, lit by Komad's lightsabers, Komad had an unnerving realisation, making matters even worse. "I'm don't think this was a naturally occurring virus." He commented. "What do you mean?" Iyav asked, unsure how Komad reached that conclusion so quickly. "Think about how strong the average person's immune system has to be in order to not simply get sick and die the moment they step onto the surface of another planet. If something like this infection was natural, we'd have overcome it millennia ago." Komad explained. "The only other explanation is that this thing was genetically engineered, which means that the infection must be some sort of bio-weapon." Iyav surmised.

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