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They found and killed that film maker in 2004, so I wouldn't put it past them to give it a shot.

I get why the image is banned but at the same time I don't, but this entire issue has been taken too far. Not only do we censor it, but its censored because of radicals like this group. This may be very callous and ignorant, but by censoring it we are only giving extremists like this power in the long run. Sure, its blasphemous but what happened to free speech?

They let an image of Jesus crapping on the American flag air, but refused to show Muhammad without a censor bar. If anything, the episode went out and did exactly as intended.

PS: South Park has already drawn and depicted Muhammad as a fire shooting crime fighter in the episode Super Best Friends, fully drawn and fully animated. It was censored on air, but you can watch the uncensored version on their website so the controversy is a little late. They also used the same threat in Cartoon Wars.

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