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Andorra was absolutely delighted to see Doctor Pradhes, who had brought a delicious pastry to her as a recovery gift. Gingerly, she took the delicacy from the Twi'lek's scarlet hand and sunk her teeth into its luscious dough. Moaning with the delight of tasting far finer food than she'd ever had in the medical facility, she winked at Lenatha. "Thank you, Doctor!" she cried. "This is absolutely the best thing I've eaten in months, and it's so kind of you to see me off. Actually..." She let her words fade into silence. "Could you please do me a favor and retrieve my medical records from the facility archives? We'll wait here. Normally, I would be calling this an invasion of my privacy, but this is not a normal situation. The Jedi and Republic have a right to know how much progress I've made--or not--since I came out of my coma." Smiling, she continued, "Besides, this will help me get rid of my shame about being kept in the psychiatric wing of this hospital while I recovered. I never thought I'd be...crazy..." Andorra sighed. "Thank you for everything you've done for me."
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