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Monkey Mania is right
the size of all of most of the backgrounds (i say most because there are some backgrounds that scroll to the sides so the are actually longer)
in MI1 and 2 are 320x144

Originally Posted by BloodnoseThePirate View Post

heres the concept of an idea blah blah.
i did this in literally half an hour, hence the sloppiness
all i really tried to do was get rid of the curves, except for the left wall because ... its a ship.
i would enjoy any advise/criticisms you can dish out.
i thing this is great
i started making a pixel version of the cannon room this moringing
i had the same idea that you had as far as getting rid of all of the curviness
of the background except for the far left side.
i found this really great program for creating pixel base art
called graphicsgale
it is only shareware but if you know where to look you can get it for free
but i think that i am going to buy it

i really like what you have going on here
i think i am going to be making some changes to my version though
hopefully i will have something to up soon
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