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As Zhao got up to leave the observation room, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Katsu gave Haruka an...odd look. Zhao couldn't help but wonder what was happening between the two. That Katsu makes me look normal, he thought, attempting to try to figure out what could have possibly been the cause, and then gave up, and settled for the probability that Haruka had probably said something while she had checked on Katsu in the infirmary. Zhao then snapped back to reality when he heard Xavier's voice.

"Hey good luck out there Roman, and try not to die. That won't be a problem with me and Zhao here though, we'll have these guys begging for mercy after a few seconds,"

Zhao chuckled at Xavier's remark. "Assuming there are any left to beg. Good luck out there, Roman. Let's hope you and Haruka make it through."

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