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Okay I understand now...

Maxstate wrote:

WAR - HUH - good god y'all

Welcome to our brand new forum. A foreword is needed to announce why, how and what lead to the events of this forum's creation. Know that this forum and the website are Mikouen's creation - this was his initiative, and as the good host he is, he is doing it from the bottom of his philanthropic heart with no profit incentive (for now).

This forum will be used to discuss projects by Bound Development(s). Who are we? We're the remnant, the leftover scraps of modders formerly belonging to the Open Jedi Project, or as it was known after its Mr. Big and Racer X years, "Jedi Knight Enhanced": programmers, graphics artists, jerkoffs, d*ckheads, smug atheists, ironic hipsters, catholic trolls but most of all good guys who want to take a new engine and build a game out of it.

Maxstate, Darthdie, x_grievous_x, Hockney, Katanamaru, Raz0r, Josh/Monoliths, Revovles, Mikouen, UDM, QuiJohn, Tiberio/Tiberius (Cesar Augusto), Ace (Dower), and many more names we bear.

This new project will have a deeper and more insightful explanation posted about it later this week, but for now, a small bit of info on what we're planning:

A space sci-fi multiplayer first person shooter with a deep storyline, ~tight graphics~, community-polled features, and a huge physics fetish. This game will be based on the C4 engine.

That's it for now, bros.

Edit #1: The game will have massive RPG features. Skills, talents and whatnot (DON'T think WoW) will be added and the user will be given a choice in improving them based on the way the user plays, and not in the way they click on boxes. In the Elder Scrolls series, the more you swing your sword, the more skillfull you get at swinging swords around; that is exactly what we're planning to do, also.
That was back in January.

When asked, in the same thread, if JKE (JK Enhanced, the new name for OJP Enhanced, which always confuses me because of JK Enhanced for the original Jedi Knight, a totally different project!) was "dead" DarthDie responded:

Not completely, no. I've been doing some work on it last couple days in the hopes of fixing any remaining bugs and adding one or two features we had planned on adding.

On a side note the "lag" you would get when near forcefields has been fixed.
So where can we download the last version, is what I want to know... I mean if there's a forum but no web page, then what?

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