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More user reviews:

The_Leo gave it a 3

Graphics - Not bad. Not very good, either. There are still major problems with this game and it becomes painfully obvious after the first 5 minutes. Controls - One of the worst control schemes I have ever used. If you don't have a gamepad..forget this trash even exists Story - Must have been written by a 13 year old without a solid understanding of plot structure or character development. Has so many holes I could have sworn this is swiss. Gameplay - Boring and repetitive. Has some fun points in it..but not enough to even consider spending money on. Overall - Absolute trash. I am ashamed I even spent 5 dollars on this garbage. I love the star wars franchise..but this doesn't even deserve to have the name Star Wars in the title. Aspyre should not have been trusted with this project. Hell, nor Lucas-Arts for that matter.

kendrickdk gave it a 3

Whoever ported the controls for this game from console to PC should be ashamed. It's fine until boss fights... then it requires an xbox controller to truly enjoy the game. Who wants to switch back and forth between mouse+keyboard and an xbox controller... not I.

not_good gave it a 6

It's an okay game if you see it on a Steam sale or from somewhere. Not really anything amazing, but if you find it cheap it can fill a hack n slash void if you already played and beat Darksiders to death. Decent game, but don't pay more then $5 for it.

pc-heaven gave it a 6

reviewsed by a pc company start good then whent down hill i liked the game but would not play it agen worth playing once thats in trailer makes it look so good theo shame

bhtechmech gave it a 9

This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. LOL nerds and Hardcore star wars gamers grow up. This game was awesome. Great graphics, good story line, great DLC add ins. Come turning Luke to the dark side is GREAT! I love this game and played it through twice. It was a touch short, and I felt that the upgrades for the force should have been on a scale of 5 or at least higher than 3, but other than that I love this game. Collapse

Derper gave it a 1

I tried both the console version and the PC version and i have to admit that i'm quite impressed that they managed to transfer the retarded controls from the console version to the PC version, and actually make them worse. F

Tyhcus gave it a 3

This was a big disappointment - clunky controls and technical problems I could handle but the HORRENDOUS user interface port and overall shoddy gameplay did it in. I gave it a few good hours of effort but it was too much. Played on Patch 1.2

kram789 gave it a 2

Very disappointed in this game and very surprised that Lucas departed from a winning interface. Perhaps the most disappointing part of this game is that it is an obvious and very poor translation from a console game to a pc game. The GUI and screen displays do not work well and are very frustrating. I have played the KOTOR series and love those games. Those games were a huge hit, so it is puzzling why they changed the interface. Save your money. This is a waste of disk space.

SteelSampson gave it a 10

Wow people, download the patch and just because it's different then MW2 and BC2 doesn't mean it sucks. If you don't like the control setup change them! there was hardly a good review in here... I really would have given this game about an 8.5, but i'm trying to make up for all the reviews that aren't reviews at all... just people demonstrating that they are a little lazy and narrow minded. If you take the time to learn all the controls it's a blast.

SippyCup gave it a 1

I actually created an account just to review this game. It is one of the worst PC games I have ever played. An obvious half-assed console-to-PC port. The menu doesn't even have mouse support. Targeting is next to impossible. The camera often finds itself in walls or other awkward positions. Without a controller for easy combos, some bosses are practically impossible to beat (since they have unavoidable attacks and counterattacks). The only reason it doesn't get a 0 is because I had fun tossing wookiees off of cliffs in the first level. Unless you get this game for free, don't bother installing it. And even if it's free, don't say I didn't warn you.

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