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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
This was from 2001
Yep, but it was also censored back in 2001. The Youtube clip is from the DVD set.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
I think the creators put the "censored" bar over muhammed in the episode not anyone else. It was actually funnier that way.
It made the point hit home harder, but rest assured the creators -did- want to show Muhammad and have tried to do so for years. It was Comedy Central that has censored all, I believe, 4 cases of them trying. In all cases, Muhammad has been animated but always censored, because he is uncensored in all the DVD releases. Trey and Matt are probably two of the most anti-censorship people in media today, and have gotten into numerous fights with CC and Fox over it.

Its just Comedy Central being hypocrites and cowards, and after the online threat CC censored not only Muhammad, but also any mention of him in the episode and refuse to show the uncensored version of the episode online like they usually do, as well as refusing to show the censored version of the episode on TV again for now.
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