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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Come on people, don't you all know that the UN *must* step in and supersede laws of governments all over the world just so they can limit free speech to make sure one group of extremist nut-cases isn't offended?

In all seriousness, they don't even know what a bad dissing is. South Park disses on everyone and frankly it's giving the moslems an easy ride by far. Am I right? Thanks in advance.
I agree with this, I mean Jesus and Satan (oh and God too) have been made fun of: Jesus dying again in Iraq, Satan dressed up as Britney Spears, and God was made out to be a fugly cross between a monkey and a lizard. If anything the Catholic, Satanist, and overall Christian faith in general have more room for making deaths and spouting hateful rants than these hyperactive idiots with guns.
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