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Once within the confines of the medical facility's archives, Lenatha read this:

NAME: Andorra Evenstar
GENDER: Female
AGE: 21
DIAGNOSIS: Psychosis accompanied by hallucinations and delusions

CASE HISTORY: Ms. Evenstar was brought comatose to the Kenobi Medical Facility by her escorts and relatives. She lay in such a state for two months under the supervised care of Doctor Lenatha Pradhes, a highly-respected employee of this facility. Once she awoke, the patient described having been "possessed" by a mythical entity she calls "Lord Virul"; this is obviously a delusion on her part, being unwilling to take full responsibility for her own actions as the flesh-and-blood Dark Lady of the Sith. This "Lord Virul" is a perfect scapegoat, if an imaginary one. The patient's projection of her misdeeds onto "him" is not surprising. However, that does not mean it is not disturbing. Ms. Evenstar must be willing to relinquish "Lord Virul" as the cause of her past suffering and present illness. If she does not, she will not recover. Children immerse themselves in fantasies in order to escape the world; but in time, the patient will discover that reality must be faced. Logdate X-X.
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