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As Lenatha finished reading the report she scoffed.

"The nerve", she said mostly to herself. "Blasted psychiatrists".

She put the file away and was ambushed by Doctor Naville again.

"Digging the old archives I presume", Doctor Naville said with a smile, but Lenatha knew it was just a cover. No psychiatrist was that nice, at least none she knew.

"Yeah just reading on the patients", Lenatha said but Naville peeked over her data pad and noticed whose was the file.

"Ah yes, Miss Evenstar. Quite a lost case that one, delusional, poor girl, so young and all", Doctor Naville said and this completely pissed Lenatha off.

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about, what happened to Andorra was real, all her companions confirm it. You want to go ahead and do some outrageous allegation that it's a collective delusion then go ahead, but how you people can call yourselves Doctors is beyond me. All you do is pretend to listen, pretend to care while passing judgment on others. Who the hell do you think you are to decide who's sane and who's not?", Lenatha said as the Doctor listened to her very intently with a serious face. Lenatha simply sighed and looked away. "I don't know why I even bother".

Lenatha just walked away, Doctor Naville simply grinned to himself and stayed. She then made her way back to the entrance hall. She was clearly upset but tried to hide it as best as she could. Being a doctor after all, she had to be able to suppress her emotions while on the job and she was fairly good at it. She arrived where Andorra and the others were but she couldn't bring herself to say what was on the file. She didn't know how Andorra would take it but she was obligated to tell her. She simply limited herself to say, "I have your file here".

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