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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Great video. Terrible narrator... Also: Steve Purcell didn't work on Maniac Mansion OR Loom?! Unless I'm very much mistaken. So, why didn't they show some of his lovely backgrounds from Indy 3 or SOMI? :-/

Can't wait for Part 2!
He definitely didn't touch any Maniac Mansion, but I have read in an interview somewhere once that he was given the more physical scenes to animate in Loom. Bishop Mandible's death as Giygas said is the only confirmed one that's his so far. I would guess he did a lot because only him and Gary Winnick are credited for character animation. It's hard to tell who did what in the earlier games without the scanned backgrounds, but I'm only really familiar with Purcell's style.

Too bad Rogue Leaders didn't really do much in the way of separating sprites and backgrounds to each artist. I would have trimmed the 100 end pages of Star Wars and games LA didn't actually develop for more in depth stuff on all of the early games.

Also Purcell did art for Pipe Dream as well early on along with the box art.

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