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I find myself needing a bit of help with one of the side quests in this game.

I've almost finished the Gremory side quest.

I found the chest, but i can't find the safety button.

I've tried looking at a guide i found online, it says to press the button not where the button is. I've already searched every inch of the chest location.

Also, this thread is open to everyone that has a problem in this game.

Edit: Ah, Crap. Just remembered that i forgot to talk to Katherine Gremory in my current playthrough of the game. I'll get the chest on my next save, in which i *did* talk to her.

Still need a location on that button though. Unless You can only find it *after* mindreading all three Gremorys.

EDIT: Decided to open another post as this deals with another problem.

I've pretty much killed everything killable in Stones Fortress.

Of the Aleroth items i've found 9 of 10.

For those needing it, here is a list of the items i've found.

Aleroth: Warhammer, Ring, Belt, Necklace, Earrings, Cuirass(chest piece), Leggings, Gauntlets, Bracelet.

Where do i find the Helmet?

Not that i can wear the damn things as they require a blasted Intelligence 45-47 setting.

I'm pretty sure i've searched every damn island in this fortress.
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