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you are all terrible people and should be ashamed of yourselves

On-topic: Recently took advantage of GameStop's 50% off sale and picked up copies of:

Pure - ATV racing game, really freaking hard
Prototype - sandbox superhero(villain?) game, haven't really gotten that far in it cuz the main character is kind of a douche
Sonic's Ultimate Game Collection - Biggest nostalgia trip ever, with a whole slew of old Sega games that I was absolutely hooked on when I was younger
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Very polished 2D fighting game with a ****-ton of flashing lights and bells and whistles, should tide me over until Super Street Fighter IV

I also got Final Fantasy XIII and am about 10 hours into it. It's the ultimate experience in linearity so far, I don't think I can wipe my ass without the game giving me a tutorial on it. Hoping it gets better soon.
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