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Anyway, level design is amazing! Better in some cases than the Jedi Knight 2003 games.

Only thing that makes me cringe sometimes is the model animations for some cut scenes, like speaking, facial expressions, etc. I know its just a mod team, but if possible, some improvements can be done.

The rain effects in the second level were pretty cool, and the additions compared to the classic game, make it so much more real. maybe a little overdone on the skeletons. I was expecting to see more of a variety, like burnt corpses, and lightly damaged corpes. Like that you would see after killing an enemy, laying there.

Although, I have to admit, some of the overhead lighting can be a bit to blinding. If you are all still in development, I would suggest at one point toning it down, just to where you can see through the light. I recall walking through one room full of these lights, not a clue where i was heading.

Keep up the awesome work
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