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Andorra, while perusing the datapad that Lenatha handed to her, looked as if she were on the verge of crying. However, being the adopted daughter of the governor of Avalon, she was also trying to be "dignified" and not let raw emotions get the better of her. Delusion? Projection? Excuse?! She could not have been more insulted had Counselor Didac and the other doctors slapped her in the face. This indignity was worse, because it would take far longer for the scars to heal in this circumstance. Not only did the professionals at the medical facility consider her a "lost cause", but they also believed her recent troubles to be caused by none other than a figment of her own unstable imagination! She wanted to crush the delicate piece of electronic equipment within her fist right then, but she held herself back.

"Here," she said tersely, practically shoving the datapad into Reyvan's hand. "Here's what the good doctors have to say, if it's of any use..."
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