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Lenatha could tell by how Andorra was acting, that she was upset by what was stated in the datapad. She was deciding whether or not to attempt to cheer her up, but she decided to do it anyway because if she was in the same position as Andorra, and she had been, she would want someone to be on her side.

"Andorra, it may not mean much but all Doctors make mistakes, I know I didn't experience first hand what happened but I believe every word you said about Virul. And all your friends know this to be a fact. So screw them, psychiatrists are the worse kind of people and lawyers maybe", Lenatha said and put a hand gently on her shoulder. "I guess the important thing is, we all believe you, we know it's true, whether we saw it or not".

Everytime Lenatha would speak the word psychiatrist her hatred for them carried on her voice.

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