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Victory of the Daleks I enjoyed while I was watching it, but afterwards I was disappointed. The first half, with the WW2 Daleks and the mystery, was excellent, but all that was pushed aside to cram in the new style of Dalek.

There were also just too many logic problems.
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It all just felt very rushed, and considering the potential of the idea and the first half it felt like a wasted episode to me.

The Time of Angels though I'm still on the fence about. It was undeniably an excellent episode, but there a few things that marred it. First of all, Moffat seems to be cramming too much in to his episodes this series. The Beast Below didn't give reasons for half its best ideas, and this time it takes far too long to get the characters exploring the Maze of the Dead. Loved the opening, but tonally was out of place and they really needed to get on with the story. None of Moffat's other two-parters have had this problem, in fact I don't recall any Doctor Who two-parters doing it at all.

There were also a few too many moments of “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE JUST TELL SOMEONE” that mar the worst horror movies and spoilt a lot of the episode for me.
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Hopefully the next episode will eliminate these problems.

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