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Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
I think there has been enough TV **** on the Clone Wars. It has been done to death. Unless there is a game which is not about the show, then I am no going to focus on it. I would only be interested if there was an RC2 or BF 3 on the CW. Now that would fill my tastes. Clone Wars Shows is just a sad excuse to keep milking the prequel. Worst of all, the whole plot of the Clone wars is nothing new, just the same "Save the Galaxy from the evil sith!" as usual. I think Lucas should just let the Clone Wars show die, unless it will have a darker story in the future
I can't help but think this is spoken like someone who hasn't seen it... Clone Wars is doing a pretty good job of exploring the shades of grey in the battle, questioning the Jedi's uneasy position as soldiers. Also, the time period is being used as a backdrop for a variety of stories and relationships, not just battles between good vs. evil. It's expanding on the characters that weren't given a fair shot in the prequels, particularly Anakin who is getting the heroic representation that he deserved. It's quickly becoming leaps and bound better than the recent films Lucas put together. The show is even enhancing them with more developed characters.

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