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Tonatius listened. He could hear multiple droids and remotes. Looks like this is going to be a challenge. He said, "Multiple bogeys," and paused, "One sounds like it has a tick in its actuator." He adjusted his position to listen some more. The droids were programmed to attack like humanoids but they could attack at random and at strange angles.

Listening to the hums and swishes of the blades, he could make out a pattern but he had to test that theory. As he deflected a lightsaber blow, he concluded that the droids have a tendency to make a sweeping lope before striking but the number of droids differed. After a while he thought he detected the numerical sequence. He said, "Kalla I have a feeling that two droids will strike at once. I need you to cover my back."


Tavaryn jumped down from his post to have a closer look. The target apparently was in the middle of a loading job but he didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. Scanning every shadow, it was a mere five seconds before he spotted something stealthly moving towarsd the boy. Tavaryn reached for his comm, "Alriana, I need you to contact the nearest Republic retrieval. Better yet call Komad. Then join me at the docks. Things are going to get dicey soon."

Peering through the rain, he knew it would take time to get all the way down but he'll have to move as fast as he could. Taking a breath, he lept off his post and began jumping down.

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