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Originally Posted by Kroms View Post
Monkey Island 2 is of course a masterpiece, but what struck me about it was that I have absolutely no idea what it’s about. Is it about Guybrush, having lost love, pursuing his career as a pirate? But then again it also involves LeChuck’s undying (ho ho!) wrath, and I can’t figure out how it all connects together.
I'm completely with you on this. I'm one of those people that like their stories with all the loose ends tied and everything explained or at least attempted to explain, but I also enjoy Monkey Island 2 even though it really doesn't do much tying. It does tie up some loose ends from the first game and the Big Whoop mystery, but this only leaves us all with more questions.

The kind of surreal attitude Monkey Island 2 (and the first game to some extent) has with the, "Is this real? Is this not? Who cares?" is very appealing to me and something I usually only see in animation, if ever at all. The awesome movie Mind Game does this to a major extent, but it all keeps within the themes to help explain the movie. Monkey Island 2 doesn't really use this stuff to explain anything but really only sidetracks the narrative, which is fine. If anything the surreality and overly mundane anachronisms only seemed to say Guybrush's reality was changing over and over, not necessarily to a kid pretending in a carnival, but like something really bad was happening to his state of being.

That alone makes me still really curious about what would have happened in Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island three, not some silly answer to the "secret" or to have Guybrush pretend to be a little boy some more.

What strikes me as even more odd is that this was attempted in a game that appeared to be a regular pirate genre adventure game when it's peers at the time had no desire to do anything even similar, playing out the standard space farce or fantasy type game.
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