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"Alriana, I need you to contact the nearest Republic retrieval. Better yet call Komad. Then join me at the docks. Things are going to get dicey soon."

Alriana nodded and then opened a commlink channel to Komad's comm. It should reach him even though the last she had heard he had been invistigating the disappearence of a ship in the outer rim.

She began recording a message on his commlink so that he could check the message when he had time.

"Komad...this is Alriana on Nar Shadda. I don't mean to bother you but according to Tavaryn the situation here is going to get dicey."

Alriana then terminated the comm and then turned and then began running toward the docks, using the force to increase her running speed.

"This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas. Any surviving crewmembers of the Star Destroyer Cygnus please respond."

Atora looked up at one of the speakers before turning back to Kurt. His helmeted head gave away no expression. His HUD began flashing as it pinpointed three more possible friendlies around forty meters ahead.

"My HUD is picking up at least three more possible friendlies ahead. Unfortunatly there are several hostiles approaching our position from behind."

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