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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
Regarding notcing things...

Show spoiler

"The repetition of the crack in Amelia's bedroom wall has gone from the nice subliminal appearance in the Tardis at the end of The Eleventh Hour to the crash-zoom signposting" -- where is that? I've watched the 11th hour 4 times and went back to that scene just now in the iPlayer but still couldn't see that crack. :~
I don't have the episode handy anymore, but it's during the scene in the Tardis, when Doctor and Amy are walking around the instruments, and she is asking 'Why me?' and so on. The camera lingers on one of the displays, which shows that same crack on a kind of graph. The Doctor looks at this and seems to consider it for a moment, then he flicks a switch and the display goes blank.

It looks like this (from the blog of my friend's fine new Who podcast).

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