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"Sure thing, but I think someone else is here. Someone who shouldn't be." Kalla replied, bracing herself for the droid's attack. "Do you remember when we had to deal with that hermit on Jatalra?" As the droid took a swing at her, she listened for the hum of its lightsaber, and quickly determined where and when to block. The hard part would be determining a weakness in its attack.

Komad picked up Alriana's message just as he found himself surrounded by six of the infected crew. "I'd love to help, but I'm in a bit of a sticky situation myself." He replied, turning to the zombies. "You deserved better." He said to them, activating his second lightsaber, and using a combination of Sai, Sai Cha, and Sai Tok to make short work of them. It shouldn't be much further to that cargo hold. He thought as his attackers lay dead at his feet.

Iyav continued to sneak his way through to the auxiliary control room, focusing his shots on either the zombies' legs or heads, at some points resulting in some of them getting trampled on by the rest of the horde.

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