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Surely Liverandbacon, you at least have some grounds to stand on ad say stuff b/c you have been there and lived it. You have also my gratitude for your service.

Generally I try to give benefit of the doubt to our military until there is undeniable proof and not just circumstantial that they acted maliciously.
I've taken M.A., had a bit of "spills" out and about so can relate to adrenaline and heat of moment incidents, but I never served. Mistakes can and do happen and I try not to pass judgment on military actions b/c I'm not in their place. I have a couple friends who were in the army, one who was in the navy, and probably some that went to the marines and the air force.
I remain objective to both the military and the reporting that goes on.

BTW I remember CNN posting video about these 13 bio lab trailers that were leaving Iraq and headed for Syria shortly after the war began. I still wonder about that and it's odd that has never come back up again.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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