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Jun-la looked at the intruder with narrowing eyes trying to determine something. She replied evenly, "I am in the middle of a training session. You of all people should know that to intrude upon a lesson with no instructional value is considered improper." She purposely used her more flowery and formal tone, convinced that the one wearing the robes before her was not who he appeared to be.

Tonatius was busy concentrating on deflecting droid attacks but that didn't mean he was deaf. He heard something wasn't right in the tone of Lady Jun-la. Using his latent Force ability of communication he said, Something isn't right Kalla. I hear it in Lady Jun-la's voice.


Haruka was busy watching the docks and the cargo being loaded but that didn't mean that he wasn't paying attention. He called out, "Come one guys. I've a deadline to meet at Coruscant." It gave the appearance of him been preoccupied while he looked around with a casual eye.

He spotted something in the shadows that was leaping from building to building and though, Great another would be assassin. He called to his droid companion and whispered something before slipping out.

Tavaryn made a steady lep down to the ground losing sight only once. It was unaviodable given the layout of the building. He finally made it down to the ground and slowly made his way towards the target glancing around. He was almost to the target when he heard, "Freeze or I'll dust you faster than the Iridian plague." He turned around slowly.

Haruka looked at his would be assassin with a critical eye. It was no doubt that this guy was good. Dressed in nothing but black and wearing a strange hat to keep people from looking at his face. He had to admit that the guy would have probably gotten the drop on him if he hadn't been paying attention, a necessity since there were rumors that there was a bounty out for him. Once the intruder was facing him he demanded, "Alright who are you and who are you working for?"

Tavaryn was aware that he had a blaster pointed at him but was even more aware that the group he saw was almost on top of them. He would have to work fast if he was going to save the kid. Alriana, where are you?

There was no time to waste. One was already drawing a long range blaster rifle. With a deft move, Tavaryn whipped his hand to his belt and threw one of his shuriken at Haruka. It bypassed him completly to strike the guy behind him. The fight was on.

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