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Kerlos set to work trying to place up deterrents against the zombies, or whatever those things were. He had some difficulty in reactivating the auto-turrets; not only were his technical skills a bit mediocre, but he also had to manipulate the switches and wires to gain back power. Once that was done, he programmed the turrets to shoot at hostiles - the infected crew - and to protect friendlies - anybody else. Kerlos then barricaded some of the doors with wreckage he found laing around, making sure to keep the doors Komad and Iyav went through open. He once has to shoot three zombies that were on the other side of a door. Kerlos decided to try one more call out to any survivors.

"This is Republic mercenary Kerlos Minn. If there are any survivors, please respond if possible. A Jedi should be on his way to assist you."

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