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"My HUD is picking up at least three more possible friendlies ahead. Unfortunatly there are several hostiles approaching our position from behind."

Kurt looked over to Atora and nodded in response. He had a small smirk under his helment since he now knew one of the friendlies was Komad Kaltas. Kurt took a frag grenade he had at his side and tossed it at the approaching zombies. He quickly aimed his rifle and fired at the grenade causing it to explode right in front of them. Right before the explosion went off he heard a voice call out to them.

"This is Republic mercenary Kerlos Minn. If there are any survivors, please respond if possible. A Jedi should be on his way to assist you."

"He's not just any jedi Kerlos. He's Komad Kaltas, a great man and most importantly a great friend." Kurt shouted back.
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