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Here's a rough translation from what I saw on the one site with the pics.

"You're still not started to run towards the booth nearest to you to buy the magazine? Not good, because it's worth, at least for the magnificent double-sided poster, with Starkiller and Vader who are posing on Kamino. Level Info: This new album will correct the mistakes of the previous (as usual!). History: Vader wants to keep his apprentice Jedi favorite despite the incidents of the first game, and decides to ... cloned! On Kamino, Gaalen Maarek (the EU enthusiasts understand) learns the truth of the mouth (or respirator) Vader. Normal, have memories of a life that has not experienced (Juno. ..), it must be weird. And what would happen, happened: he fled (and en route, he will probably kill half a million Stormtroopers). The program also, and Cato Neimoidia gladiatorial arena (with the huge corny the trailer, the Morloch). Starkiller will begin searching for the unknown beauty of his memories, Juno, and to succeed, it needs the help of General Kota, who would rather hire more killing machine for the Rebels. No wonder ... And finally, the best quality images, it's here:"

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