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Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
I recommend using down-scaled paintings like MI2.
the more i entertain this idea the more i like it
but alas i dont know how to paint
i thought about using colored pencils

Originally Posted by Scapetti View Post
And I recommended down-scaling CMI backgrounds, and after that was given a no, I recommended mix and matching old SMI and MI2 backgrounds... which was painfully ignored...

Ahh well...

I just did this, it's a mish-mash of basically everything that's been done so far...

I'm not saying it should be used, but I reckon if that was just touched up, it might actually be quicker than redrawing the whole thing :/
the problem with using the comi backgrounds and scaling them down is
1. the size of the backgrounds for MI1 and MI2 are 320x144 and the size of the COMI background are 600x480 so there i would either have to heavily crop the background or there would be black bars on either side of the background and
2. i think the style of the COMI backgrounds i quite different to the style in the previous games.

as far as the mashup idea goes i didnt say anything because i have no idea what i am doing as far as that goes and i am no 100% sure that it would look that great if i did it. but i appreciate your effort and help

idk i almost need a background artist to help me out with this so that i can concentrate on the game itself
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