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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You do understand that it cost money to hire people to come to your door and fill out the form should you not compete the mail out.
Actually yes I do, and the father of one of my friends actually did census work.

I just kind of was surprised they took to such a coercive tactic this time--sure there have been penalties but I do not ever remember it being quite like this.

Hiring and training census workers is reported to cost us taxpayers an average $57.00 per household. A cost that could have been saved if the 28% that did not mailed the form back mailed it back. So if someone is too lazy to be bothered to fill out the form, then I have no problem with this convenience charge to help offset the cost compared to a .44 cent stamp.
That's fine you don't have a problem--I was merely taken aback by this...Or are you saying you have a problem with my initial reaction? And before you continue, yes I know this all has costs, though this year higher than in previous years IMO.

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