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"He's not just any jedi Kerlos. He's Komad Kaltas, a great man and most importantly a great friend."

Atora nodded under his helmet and silently requested a data dump from his ship about Komad Kaltas. The data arrived a few moments later. Atora was slightly impressed by his record.

Hmph. Still a jedi and that means trouble.

His HUD flashed once indicating that there were more hostiles approaching. At least five of them. "We have more problems. There are at least five more hostiles approaching from behind us."

He pulled out a miniture thermal detonator from his pocket and casually tossed it down into the dark corridor from which the infected were coming and was rewarded with a large explosion and a loud scream from one of the infected as it was blown apart.

"It appears that out "Allies" have split up. One is remaining in the hanger and it looks like one is heading for Auxillary control and I can't tell where the other one is going."

"I'd love to help, but I'm in a bit of a sticky situation myself."

Alriana's head suddenly shot up as she detected a small ripple through the force. It looks like he's already begun to fight.

She used the force to further increase her speed to reach the site of the battle quicker. She continued running even as she reached the site and then jumped into the air and landed close to Tavaryn.

"Komad says he's a bit occupied at the moment."

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