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Jun-la was still suspicious and when she heard the tone, her voice went to an icy politeness. Anyone who was a Jedi knew that when it got that tone, they had better be careful and it tended to intimidate the younger ones. "Attempting to argue with me are you?"

Jun-la deftly halted the program she had operated but added in a special command. Again she stared at the intruder with a stare that was icy even though her eyes were golden amber. "It is not I who was the rude one here. It was you and a master couldn't have sent you seeing as they are in session at this moment. So why are you here?"


Tonatius heard the droids power down and he pulled off his blindfold to look around. He nudged Kalla to indicate that that lesson was to be halted right now. Kalla. Do you know that Jedi talking to Lady Jun-la? He sent the thought hoping that she would hear it.

Haruka had been shot at many times before but never had anyone thrown a bladed object at him. He didn't have time to wonder who the hell this guy was because they were suddenly surrounded and a disruptor blaster hit the ground near their feet. He jumped back and shouted, "Two-y battle mode!" He withdrew his blaster and ducked behind some crates and began firing at the people shooting them.

Tavaryn was relieved when Alriana joined him though he wasn't too pleased at the moment that Komad wouldn't be arriving. Still they had to make do. The rain was pouring thickly now and it made it difficult to see where the enemy was. He pulled out his blade amd replied, "Good thing you're here Alriana. I would have hated to hog all the bad guys to myself." He motioned with his hand to indicate that she was to go left and he would go right.

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