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"I advise you not to stand in front of me when the fighting starts. I have a tendency to shoot things in that direction."

Haruka simply grinned at him.

"If I'm ever in front of you, you won't even notice", she said with a wink. She then got on the elevator to her battle suit.

The Aegis 11 powered up and Haruka moved it all the way to the hangar where the massive ship that was going to take them was already hovering in place to pick them up. Aegis 11 strapped itself to a metal harness. There were other harnesses next to Haruka for the other battle suits. The massive ship was designed for their team specifically. The "Black Titan", one massive transport ship capable of holding 8 battle suits inside also modified for cover support and gunners with high heat armor penetrating rounds and Jericho spread missiles. All inventions of Haruka.

"Aegis 11 standing by for load proceadure", Haruka reported.

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