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Originally Posted by Master_Chief View Post
Really, like what?
1) Not every line of Kreia (as Darth Traya) was re-done by Atris's voice actor.
2) Though it seems understandable why Atris might take on the mantle of "Darth Traya," the full explanation of what Kreia's role would now be if Atris had done so is never indicated in the game files. There's no "Kreia can be redeemed" moment.
3) Previous attempts to try to squeeze "Atris as Darth Traya" into a mod have proven disastrous. TSLRP wisely avoided it. For another example, witness the debacle known as "Team Exile" or "K2RP." (I'll leave you to Google those teams yourself.)
4) Even attempts to have this added in via a stand-alone mod seem not to go anywhere:
4) Supposedly, one of the reasons that the "Atris as Darth Traya" concept was pulled was that Beta testers for TSL found it strange that Atris had a 'Dark Lady of the Sith' robe lying around the Telos Academy and it confused them.

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