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That would probably print up pretty decent. General rule of thumb (at least according to most printers) is that 100 DPI will produce a quality image when printed, although I'm sure there are people out there who swear by no less than 200 or 300, but I guess it's all personal preference.

Basically it works like this: 100 DPI is 100 Dots Per Inch, so that when printed, 100 Dots (or pixels in this case) will be squeezed into 1 inch of space on the paper. Every 100 pixels in the image is equivalent to 1 inch of space on paper. So in the case of your image which is 1912x2475 pixels, at 100 DPI it would be printed to a size of 19.12" x 24.75" (just divide the image width and height by 100 and that will tell you how many inches it will be when printed).
200 DPI (and anything else for that matter) is the same thing, but you have to divide by 200, which would result in a print that is smaller.

Does this help? I'm usually not that great at explaining things in words and usually just do it in pictures instead, hah. To put it simple, if you're content with a (roughly) 19" x 24 3/4" printout, that picture would be just fine then.

If you do print it, make sure that the image is 100 DPI, most imaging programs will let you change the DPI, so if it's not, you should be able to just change it.

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