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Katsu gave Haruka and the others another suspicous look before turning to watch Haruka enter the elevator.

I can't help but that one has some sort of plan. And that we are all pawns in it. She needs to watched at all times on the battlefield.

He turned away from the others and then entered the elevator that would take him up up to the Vegas's control center. The elevator arrived at the top of the Vegas within second and Katsu climbed into the control center.

He began bringing all of the systems online and did a doublecheck on all of the systems. One of the control panels flashed red and Katsu flicked a few switches and then it turned green.

I can't help but think they didn't manage to fix all of the problems that the Vegas experienced after it's last battle.

He moved the Vegan over to the hanger bay where Haruka had gone and stood behind the Aegis 11 and then looked up at the large ship hovering above him.

"Vegas is standing by for load proceadure."
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