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Possibly, but I've never seen him here before. Kalla sent back, lowering her blindfold to make sure. "What are you doing here?" She asked the intruder, pointing her lightsaber at him with a Niman stance to throw him off.


Having finally made it to the auxiliary control room, Iyav sealed the door behind him, and quickly scanned for any more of the infected crew to deal with. However, all he found was a female corpse, and surmised that she must have sent the original distress call. She didn't die in vain. He thought before accessing the ship's logs. Before downloading them to his datapad, he decided play the final bridge log...

"Captain, we seem to be coming out of hyperspace." One of the lower ranking bridge crew member indicated.

"That would likely indicate full power loss in the hyperdrive. Considering that, and the lack of any actual coordinates, we could be anywhere in the galaxy now." Another officer pointed out.

As the Star Destroyer came fully out of lightspeed, the captain's concerned look turned to absolute horror as he realised that they ended up in the middle of an asteroid field, with a particularly large asteroid headed straight for the command tower.

"RAISE SHIELDS!" He shouted, but it was too late.

The recording was reduced to static as the asteroid collided with the bridge. Iyav then added the crew manifest to his download. Their families deserved to know what happened.


"We could certainly use your help. I think you may be on to something, though, Andorra. Tell me, are either of you familiar with the Star Destroyer Cygnus?" Reyvan inquired, forming a bit of a hypothesis as to what Komad and Iyav found out there.


"I'm hoping to find the survivors." Komad replied to Atora, seemingly coming from nowhere. "Good to see you again, Kurt. Now, how much further to that cargo hold?"

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