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More GW2 info...

Seems like Guild Wars 2 is getting close enough to release that they are finally releasing some real information about the game now.

Apparently there will be 8 professions/classes, some returning ones from Guild Wars 1 and some new ones. First in the spotlight is the Elementalist, which seems to play a bit differently this time around:

AreaNet has also started a series of articles that explains the various aspects of the game and how they differ from the prequel:
  1. Skills and combat
  2. Weapons, professions and racial abilities

* * * * * *

While not directly related to Guild Wars 2 they've also started a series of Guild Wars Beyond events in GW1 that is supposed to fill in some of the story and pivotal events in the story between GW and GW2.

This page describes some of these in-game events from an NPC's point of view:

This wiki page summarizes some of the on-going events and game changes:

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