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I would think Basty is the hottest if she looked more like Tsunade from Naruto--in her usual looking form (not her real granny age) but that would require making her model a little more curvy with bigger T&A and a massive reskin.

If Handmaiden's hair were longer I'd choose her...Visas has the curviest body but you can't see most her face which would be a turnoff. Both their servile personas...meh. Gets aggravating when they don't think for themselves.

Juhani's facial proportions were already disconcerting...her original skin made her look like a burn victim on top. Aside from only liking fem rev, her sudden impulsive PMS turnaround to "I vill be your doom!" would not work.

Mira I guess would get the vote in general for me, but she just overall seems like another Mara Jade (too unoriginal) and her personality is kinda too iffy for me. Then again she'd be just as much of a jackass as me and my friends would tell me that's a match made in heaven.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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