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I've seen "Silence in the Library" (very good) and "Forest of the Dead" (not as good). I usually scout out an episode before it hits, as to have some idea of what is going on, and go back and see any relevant episodes.

Anyways, thinking back on it there were some moments where maybe the episode got lazy - the part where
the teleportation kicks-in and Amy escapes
wasn't a deus ex machina per se, but could've maybe been handled better. So while this isn't as good as "Blink", which to me is the gold standard, it comes very close, and is finally the one that topped "The Eleventh Hour" as the best episode this series. (Not because of how well thought-out it was - that award still belongs to the use of the apple from "The Eleventh Hour", but because it was actually scary in parts.)

I think, all in all, that they've been doing a very good job, but maybe Tingler's right in saying they 1. either try cramming too much into their episodes, or 2. decide to take "love will cure"-like routes without explaining why they work and thus harm their believability.

Or maybe they just need more time. "The Eleventh Hour" could never have worked as a 40 minute episode, and "The Beast Below" needed an extra ten minutes. Same with "Victory of the Daleks". I know Moffat will figure out how to balance everything sooner or later, so I'm not worried.

Either way, the next episode looks like a good one.
The concept of vampires and mirrors reminds me of Blink and the Weeping Angels: in some ways, they're the same idea. This episode could be genuinely scary if they work it right.

Also, Richard Curtis (from Blackadder) is writing an episode at some point. That should be fun and interesting.

So basically thanks for getting me into this series, Gabez and Zaarin.

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