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"I'm afraid I have nothing to fear from my enemies that would kill me. But I fear a sudden heart-attack from nervousness, or death by embarrassment if I say, or do something stupid around Miss Haruka, might be the end of me,"

Xavier looked over at Roman and smiled.

Well she is really cute no doubt about that

Haruka was into mechs and giant weapons, how lucky could a guy get? It seemed Roman shared similar interests in her as Xavier did. The only problem Xavier saw was if she flet anything for either of them. One thing Xavier did know was if she felt something for Roman, Xavier would do whatever he could for the guy as his Wingman. With that in mind he made his way into his battle suit and strapped himself in. He made sure everything was in order before responding.

"Red leader standing by, sorry I couldn't resist. Nova standing by for loading procedure."
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