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Tonatius made a motion till his hand was on Kalla's sword arm. He said nothing but gave a look at her, indicating that she shouldn't speak. using his eyes, he motioned for her to watch, and listen. He himself left his sword arm down but every muscle was tinged and ready for battle. Or to run.

Jun-la was still looking at the intruder with her piercing gaze. She had felt the flickers of compulsion on her mind but having used method before, she was familiar in how it felt. True deception came from illusion. this was no illusion. She said, "I am requesting you tell me who you are."


Tavaryn sailed high over his opponents before landing behind him and giving a punch guaranteed to knock him out till next festival. He stayed close by the boy Haruka who was a pretty good shot and had good cover by that ridiculous droid he had. Still he wouldn't take chances. Having run out of room for the shuriken, he withdrew his sword and held it ready to take on the enemy. "You remember the two prong?" He asked Alriana.

He was referring to a classic Jedi pincer movement that used to be taught when his mother and father had been a pupils at the Temple. He was hoping that she would remember such techniques without him having to give it away.

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