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"You remember the two prong?"

Two prong...Two prong...Lets see...I think I remember that particular move.

"I believe that I remember it." She said quietly as she thought of the last time she had used the move back during the clone wars. "Are you thinking what I think your thinking?"

Atora stared at Komad from under his helmet and silently wished that he was anywhere but here at this moment. It was bad enough that he was on a ship filled with the infected but now he was stuck on a ship with the infected and Jedi.

Still, he would try to be polite to the Jedi. From the what the data on Komad had told him, it would be wise not to make him an enemy.

"Jedi Komad Kaltas. I requested a data transfer from my ship on you when I heard that you were also aboard. You have quite the reputation as a warrior."
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